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Do you need help creating documents? In tandem with your audio files, we can work with you to create personalised reports and templates using Styles to make your life even easier.

Not everyone is a Word expert. This service adds value to your business by freeing up your time to focus on the job at hand, leaving us to create the perfect document for you. Need help with anything else? Just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

For our transcription services, we charge per audio minute depending on audio quality and turnaround time. For all other services we agree an hourly rate with our clients to set up templates, Styles documents, or suggestions for ways to streamline your processes.

Outsourcing your audio transcription means freeing up your internal resources to work on other areas of your business.

Our value add to your business is how we can save you time doing what we do best, freeing you up to do what you do best. We cover a variety of different fields including, but not limited to:

  • Academia – Research interviews and lectures
  • Legal – Investigation reports, WorkCover claims
  • HR – Investigation interviews and reports
  • Conference – Meetings, AGMs, focus groups
  • Insurance – Investigation interviews
  • Finance – Shareholder and press announcements
  • Medical – Occupational therapy reports, clinical notes, pharmaceutical research
  • Media – Blogs, podcasts, authors

Top Team Pricing

Are we the cheapest option? No, but if you want quality work it is best to use a transcriber who is familiar with names and locations of the country you are working in.

Many overseas transcription companies offer bargain basement offers, but you may find that you are being charged for a transcript that is worse than useless, full of errors and time-stamps and your deadline is due. Similarly, transcription software may work for simple dictations and interviews, but companies offering this service do not edit the files (hence the cheap rate), and do not deal particularly well with background noise and accents. You don’t want to be spending your valuable time editing a file that you have paid to have transcribed. The cost savings of time and money are ten-fold to get it right first time and get your transcript back on time.


If you should ever find any errors (all our work is by human hands and ears to give you the best possible transcript), we guarantee that we will amend them and return your transcript to you at no cost.*

*Typographical errors and spellings only – if the audio quality is poor Top Team Transcripts is not liable to make changes.

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We charge per audio minute for all transcripts, and an hourly rate for document preparation and editing.